I charge on an hourly basis of 85 CHF and not per word or page; return within 10 days for a standard scientific paper. I also offer an express service at an hourly rate of 100 CHF; return within 2 – 3 days, if possible given the length of the manuscript. The higher the quality of the electronic draft I receive the less time the editing will take. However, even for the best draft, time is required to think, understand the text and formulate new sentences when required.

Please note that there will be an additional charge if FedEX or DHL delivery is requested.

Rough guidelines:

The minimum time required per 360-word page is ca. 15 minutes and only possible when proofreading or correcting minor language errors .

A time of ca. 25 – 30 minutes per 360-word page is a more realistic estimate for a manuscript that requires some more substantive editing, but no major text changes or rearrangements.

Condensing the text to meet a given word count or extensive re-writing of the document will both take much longer.