How I edit

It is not always sufficient to simply correct the language of a scientific text. My service goes beyond straightforward editing. I critically examine the text from a scientific viewpoint and indicate places where, for example, an additional reference or more details are required to document a statement or for clarity.

When working on a document I ask the following questions:

♦      Does the style of the document comply with that requested and is the formatting consistent?

      Are the scientific data and ideas presented in a logical order?

      Is the information given in the correct section, e.g., in the case of a paper, results in the results section, discussion in the discussion etc.

      Are the scientific data and ideas clearly formulated without the use of unnecessarily complex language?

      Are any figures included clear, easily visible and easily understood?

     Are all the figures referred to in the text?

I will contact you before proceeding if I think major text rearrangements are necessary e.g., if the second or third answer is no. Other substantive editing will be carried out at my discretion as required; minor text rearrangements falling under question three will be made. As a matter of course, I correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and verb tenses.

I try to preserve the style of the author when suggesting changes.

I edit the reference section and indicate formatting errors unless requested not to do so.

I do not check whether the references cited are correct and, unless specifically requested, do not check that all references listed are cited in the text and vice versa.

What I edit & required formats